Message from principal

In the beginning of school year of 2014-2015 our School, which is one of the first  School of Jurisprudence opened, is experiencing the joy of starting the school year of 2014-2015 at its new b uilding reconstructed in accordance with the original building. I express my gratitude towards Rectorship of IU and Deanery of Law Faculty who provided us oppurtunity to raise students to address the need of qualified employment requirement at several private and public sector starting with our country’s judicial organization at a picturesquely building.

Our school that had been continuing education here and there under difficult conditions during reconstructionc period, will continue its operation with more excitement, enthusiasm and in unity and integrity at a building worthy of the name of Istanbul University.

This symbol building will bring  a different identity and personality in, presents a significant contribution to its institutionalization. Shortly, this building is the hallmark of our School and it became its flag.

For these reasons, I do not doubt that, foremost our dear students, everybody will coddle to this building that it deserves.

In the school year of 2014-2015 we felt the need of changing curriculum. Inter alia there is an elective course called “Language of Law”. In consequence of language is the main material of justice and law, we wished our students’ attention to head for this aspect. We did this with the aim of raising more qualified students. We wanted to add more entrepreneur, more curious, more interrogator individuals to the human capital of our country in the globalising world. We are seeking individuals with free thought, independent, thinking in a different way from others, researching, scrutiniser, tampering, who is not satisfied with what is presented to himself or herself. We need people who has different ideas from others.

Our responsibility as we, Jurisprudencers, is big, we have to solve the problems we face without complaining. May we believe in ourselves, cooperate and cross the mountains.

Thousands of our graduates have been serving for business life, homeland for years. Today we must encourage, develop old graduates and new graduates to meet and come together. We all must do all we can about this issue.

Justice is a longing; maybe we will wait for Godot, miss Godot, wait for justice forever. Justice to be done also depends on us to do our job well, we will not stand and watch in a passive way; we will be aware of that we have an important responsibility in justice to be done. We will recompense that responsibility.

With these thoughts, I wish students of Istanbul University Faculty of Law The School of Jurisprudence, our academic and administrative staff, our graduates and families of all those concerned a healthy, peaceful, productive and successful school year.

Prof. Fethi Gedikli

Principal of IU The School of Jurisprudence


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